Completed Projects

  • Comsat University - Lahore
    Installation of H.T Panel and laying of over head feeder around the university with 10 no of 100KVA T/F paid mounted and laying of 11KV 3/C 2/0 AWG cable in trench with units of 4 no’s paid mounted Transformer.
  • Multan Metro Project
    Supply, Installation of 10 No of 1200KVA T/F With Laying of 11KV cable from t/f to station end, complete electrical work of station and External Electrification ( Street Lights, etc.).
  • Al- Kabir Town Housing Scheme Phase-I
    Laying of H.T and L.T Under Ground Armored Cable in Trench. Digging and Back Filling of 2’x 4’ size of trench. Supply of H.T and L.T Cable. Cable jointing and termination of both H.T and L.T Cable. Thrust boring at road crossing points. Installation of Transformer and L.T Service boxes. Testing and Commissioning of Complete job of Al-Janat Mall.
  • NUST University - Islamabad
    Supply of H.T panel metering and outgoing, and Laying, Testing and commissioning of 11KV independent feeder from WAPDA end to consumer end.
  • Newage Cables - Sheikhupura
    Supplying, installation, commissioning of H.T Panel And and complete Electrification of Newage Chemical Plant (4000 Amp) Incoming with Bus Coupler.
  • Tenth Avenue Gulberg
    Laying of Underground H.T cable and paid mounted 2000KVA T/F complete electrical work of station and External Electrification.
  • Imperial Cineplex Mall Paragon City - Lahore
    Supplying of synchronizing panels for tow generator, ATS panels, metering panels, distribution panels and complete Electrification.
  • Fashion Avenue shopping Mall, Allama Iqbal Town - Lahore
    Laying of 11KV overhead line up to T/F end 2000KVA and complete electrical work of shopping mall internal and External Electrification.
  • Nawaz Sharif Social Security Hospital - Lahore
    Supply and Laying of 11KV underground H.T cable from T/F end to consumer end with 1500KVA T/F.
  • Under Ground Coal Gasification Project - Thar
    Supplying of main distribution boards and Panels.
  • Women University - Multan (Package II)
    Supply, Testing, Commissioning of H.T Panel and complete Electrification.